Welcome to Zohara Art Gallery

Showcasing incredible talent from Jewish Artists everywhere!

Welcome to Zohara Art Gallery

Showcasing incredible talent from Jewish Artists everywhere!


Featured Artists

Yoram raanan


Yoram Raanan, graduated from the University of Arts, Philadelphia (BFA 1975).  He traveled and studied independently throughout Europe and the Near East. In 1976 he settled in Israel and opening his first studio in the Bukharim Quarter in Jerusalem. Since 1994, he has been creating art on his farm in the Judean hills of the Jerusalem Corridor. He is married and has 4 children and grandchildren.

Raanan's paintings are a modern expression of Jewish collective consciousness. Characterized by intuition and imagination, there is a strong sense of light, color and spirituality. He is inspired by the Bible, nature and the Land of Israel.

"The sensation of creating is a dynamic and exciting process, and it feels especially good because I can share it with others. They can see what I have done and enjoy a vicarious experience."



Rus paints with oil. She typically works on large canvases. She primarily uses a palette knife to texture her work. Rus’s palette balances vibrancy against ethereal colours, depending upon the subject.

Her subjects are fundamentally about Jewish prayer and history, the seminal importance of Torah in Jewish life, and her love of Israel and in particular Jerusalem.

“I share my love of Jewish life, G-d, the Torah, and of Israel. I wish to inspire people to share that love.”

Haim sherff


Haim Sherrf is an Israeli-Canadian artist, born in Beersheva, Israel.
At an early age,  he won a children's art competition sponsored by the French magazine Paris Match.. Later, as a teenager, his artwork was
exhibited in art galleries throughout the world.

He is the Artistic Director of ArtExpo Montreal amongst other projects. His work today is also greatly influenced by the teachings of Hasidism; In his own words: "Chassidut teaches us that a man is an intermediary between G-dliness and this world. Therefore, he has to use his natural-given talents to connect the two."

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